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Surprise Snow and Safety

Last night before I left to my Bible class, the weather was spitting a rain snow mix, so I decided to drive the suv. When I headed out after class, I couldn’t see anything but white outside of the large glass doors and windows. My classmates and I were all in shock over the 6″ of heavy wet snow packed on the road and our cars. Some of the men found shovels and brooms and made their way through the parking lot clearing off cars. Then, they shoveled out vehicles that couldn’t get out of their parking spot. We were all so grateful for them. It was a mess driving home as I slid around even in 4-wheel drive. I was grateful I had driven the right vehicle. We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning with over 9″ at our house. But the trees were bent low and after further investigation, we realized many tree branches had broken and were lying on the ground and in the roads. We were grateful there was no damage to our property. We had planned on going to a funeral and after waiting for the sun to come out to start the melt, we decided to go. On the way, I had to maneuver through giant piles of snow and giant tree limbs strewn across roads. The funeral was for a man who was on the church choir that my parents and I were involved with over 30 years ago. I always thought of him as a gentle giant with his peaceful demeanor, sweet smile, and booming bass voice. We saw other members of the choir there that I hadn’t seen in years. I enjoyed touching base and getting caught up on families and events. We were grateful that in the midst of crazy and stressful weather we were able to go to a peaceful place.

I Found God today in safety and peace in crazy weather.

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