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Sun Came Back

Today was the opposite of stay-in day. When I drove to the gym this morning, I turned a corner and the sun hit me right in the eyes. It had been a few days since I saw sunshine and it was a shock to my system. At the same time, it warmed my heart. Everyone at the gym talked about how wonderful it was to see the sun and the mountains. And everyone was joyful. I had a few errands to run this morning and I figured there would be a lot of people out. There were. But again – everyone seemed to be cheerful. Even at the Department of Motor Vehicles. After lunch I took my son to the airport for a trip he is taking. I knew the traffic would be heavy. It was. At one point, I just followed the GPS as it rerouted me off the highway which had come to a dead stop. I wound through back country roads. The speed limit wasn’t as fast as the highway, but there were not very many people on it at all and it was a beautiful drive. All in all, it was a busy, but joyful day regardless of the crowds. I attribute at least part of that to the bright shining sun. It makes everything better.

I Found God today enjoying sunshine with thousands of others.

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