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New Face

Tonight I watched the repeat of a story about a young man who received a face transplant. I had heard bits and pieces of the story that came to light in November. But tonight I learned and saw much of the story. The young man got a second chance at life after years of dealing with depression and trying to commit suicide. The young man who was the donor also struggled with depression and unfortunately died due to drug addiction. Ultimately, the story was about how new life can come about after devastating circumstances. God was steeped in the details. He was in the prayers, strength, and courage of both families. He was in the decision to choose life by both young men – one by getting help and pushing through his situation and the other by donating all that was functioning after his death to give others a chance to survive. The mutual love the mother’s had for their children and for one another was remarkable. I cried for the loss of life and for the gift of life.

I Found God today in the story of loss and gift of life.

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