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Food Experiments

My sister and I have been talking about what delicious things we can make from her toffee. One of them was toffee popcorn. We tried several experiments using the toffee in different ways – melted, large pieces, tiny crumbs, baked, etc. Some were successful, most were not, but we had fun doing it. Later in the day, my brother came over too. I had bought a chevon roast a while ago from a friend who owns a farm and decided this was a good day to try that. I had looked up and read as much information as I could about how to best cook the roast and took it out of the freezer to thaw. When it came time to prepare it, I put on the video that showed what to do. Of course, my piece of meat did not look like the one in the video. My sister, brother and I all conferred on what to do and got it all figured out. In the end, the roast was cooked to perfection and was delicious. I really enjoyed trying these food experiments with my siblings.

I Found God today doing food experiments with my brother and sister.

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