A New Angel

The other morning I received word that a coworker and friend had passed away. I read through her obituary today and reflected on her life. I met the tiny woman when I started working for the church about 15 years ago. Although small in stature, I quickly realized she had a big faith. She shared that by teaching others from young to old. And she had a special gift of working with those on the fringes of society. She loved to wear hats to Mass, but her love for the Lord was still visible. Thankfully, she took me under her wing and showed me all the particulars of working in the parish. Even though we fell out of touch when I moved away, I was happy to see her during some of my visits. I learned much from her and am grateful for our friendship.

I Found God today reflecting on a life well lived.

2 comments on “A New Angel

  1. She may have done “angelic things” on earth (which I know she DID!) but too many people believe when we die we become angels! She sure was a saintly person and I believe that about her. She is greatly missed. I gave her a subscription to the magazine “Angels Among Us” ( published by GUIDEPOSTS, INC.) and she was grateful as she had a real love for angels!


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