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Yesterday, I shared a blog from a woman I chanced across a while back. We seem to have a couple things in common. I also found a caregiver’s group on social media that she moderates. People share their experiences caring for their loved ones, many of them caring for parents. It is always encouraging to read, share, and pray with and for the group. Taking my mom to physical therapy today, I became keenly aware once again of her stamina and determination. She asked her doctor about going back to therapy due to the pain in her knee. The therapist, who has seen my mom off and on for about 3 years now, got busy right away to pinpoint the problem and work on the area. I wondered how many other 87 year old ladies make requests such as this and then make the effort to improve their condition. In any case, I am grateful that she can and does do everything she can to help herself function. And I am again in awe of her perseverance.

I Found God today witnessing my mom’s perseverance.

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