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Found Flag Football

I went for a good long walk today that took me through the nearby park. During the week, the place is pretty uninhabited except for an occasional adult with children on the playground. As I neared the park, I saw that the parking lot was completely full and vehicles were parked along the busy street as well. When I arrived I saw that the large flat grassy area had been partitioned off into 4 fields. Each field had two teams of children playing flag football. The kids were probably from about 6-8 years in age. I stood for a while and watched the coaches getting each child in place and giving them their specific instructions. The ball would snap and the play would last about 2 seconds. Then the whole process would repeat. I was impressed by the patience of the coaches as they shuffled the kids around, told them what to do, and encouraged them. The sidelines held the rows of parents looking on. Periodically I would hear someone call out a child’s name or a cheer for the team. I enjoyed seeing the business and happiness of the park.

I Found God today in a bustling joyful group of kids and adults.

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