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Healing Dog

A while ago, we noticed that my brother’s dog had a funny lump on her back that seemed to be getting bigger. My brother took her to the vet who said it looked suspicious and should come off. She had surgery last week which left about a 6″ wound on her back. We have been waiting in anticipation for the results of the biopsy. In the mean time, we have been praying for her and even dabbed her with holy water from Lourdes. Tonight we were praying the Lourdes prayer and as soon as we finished, my brother announced that he had a voicemail from his vet. They said the mass was a cancer, but one that was easily treated, doesn’t metastasize, and very rarely reoccurs. When they did the surgery, they made sure they took out tissue around the border of the mass, so there would be no need for any other treatment. That was great news. We are all looking forward to her getting the stitches out so she can get back to her rambunctious self.

I Found God today in good news about my brother’s dog.

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