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Ode To My Brother

My brother took off yesterday for his next adventure. He called when he got settled into his first camping area. My dad told him how we missed him already. While he was here, my brother helped my dad coordinate and accomplish all the repairs that needed to be done at the cabin in the mountains. He and my dad worked diligently at preserving old family audio tapes. He was super patient and could speak computer with my dad as they worked through different projects. One of the first things he did was to help get the new TV and audio system up and running. I was able to take a little vacation while he was here with my parents. We watched the new Godzilla movie together and remembered how we used to watch the old monster movies. We all enjoyed playing with and just petting his dog when she was calm. He did a lot of helpful things while he was here, but his patient and kind presence is what will be missed most. We were all grateful for the time he spent with us.

I Found God today being grateful for my brother.

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