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Germany Revisited

A few of the ladies in my aqua aerobics class have told me about an old time German bakery in the city. I have asked my mom about it, but she had never been there. Today we decided to go. My mom had a couple of specific things that she wanted. When we walked into the small bakery, I remembered the shops we used to visit when we lived in Germany. Everything in the bakery was either made fresh, or imported. There was, of course, lots of fresh breads, pastries, and sausage rolls. They also had a deli with meats and cheeses. And there were shelves full of canned goods, mixes, and candies. I did my best to read the labels to my mom and she was able to understand most of the German words. I was reliving some childhood years as I remembered the German chocolate Santas and most of the candies. We picked up some bratwurst, knockwurst, and braunschweiger, side dishes, and several other goodies. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to enjoying our delicacies.

I Found God today remembering a different cultural experience.

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