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No Shoveling

We had a beautiful snow storm here that started overnight last night. According to the forecasts, it should have stopped snowing early this afternoon. We had at least 8″ of snow stacked up on the porch railing. In the housing complex, there is a contract to have the snow shoveled off the sidewalks and in front of the garages if there is a certain amount of snow. The homeowner has been responsible for clearing their own porch and steps. But I have yet to figure out exactly what the measurable amount is and where exactly they may shovel. Sometimes I will shovel just to see them coming in right behind me. Other times I have put it off and end up having to do it later because no one came. Today I decided there had to be enough snow for them to come and I refused to go out. Besides, the snow kept coming in flurries even after sunset. Late in the afternoon, I saw our neighbor shoveling our shared sidewalk. I was surprised he didn’t wait. Only an hour or so later, I heard shoveling on the porch. My dad opened the door and chatted with the couple of guys who were there clearing the snow away. He thanked them and came inside. I was just super happy that my defiance actually worked out.

I Found God today not having to go outside in the frigid cold to shovel.

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