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Knowing Moment

I had to stop in the grocery story today as did probably half the city. Most people were being kind and patient. Some were in a hurry as they tried to pass others when they had an opportunity down the narrow aisles. At one point, I was making the big turn from one aisle to the next. I stopped to make sure no one was whizzing by, when I saw what I am assuming was a mom with her 2 daughters. She was pushing the shopping cart slowly with the older girl walking beside her. The younger girl was sitting in the seat of the carriage. The older sibling had a children’s book in her hands that she was reading to the younger girl who was completely enthralled. As I admired the sweet scene, my eyes met those of the mother. She was watching me watch them. We gave each other a smile that relayed the message of how caring the older daughter was. It was a knowing moment exchanged by strangers.

I Found God today in a knowing moment with a stranger.

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