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Loving Acceptance

This morning in church, we sat in our “usual spot”. There were 5 multi generational women sitting in front of us. They seemed to be a mom with her 2 daughters in the middle and 2 grandmothers as the bookends. One daughter had special needs. She would occasionally speak out and was constantly tapping her mom or trying to get her attention in some way. She had some blue clay that she would manipulate in her hands from time to time. And she was glued to the grandmother next to her. Her mother seemed annoyed with her, never smiled, and spent most of the time trying to correct her. The grandmother allowed the child to be who she was and tried to guide her continual movements. She had enough patience for both of them. At one point, I heard her say to the little girl, “We’ll take care of each other.” While I felt bad for the child – and the mom, I was blessed to have seen the beautiful, loving interaction between the girl and her grandmother. I have kept them all in prayer today.

I Found God today in an example of loving acceptance.

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