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Disease Reminder

Tonight on the news, there was a story of a dance company that chose a couple of girls to be in their performance of The Nutcracker. The thing that was unique about the girls is that they had degenerative diseases and spent much of their time in hospitals or doctor’s appointments. One of them had arthritis. As her mother spoke of the illness and treatments that the girl endured, it brought me right back to the time when I also struggled with the disease. When I saw the girl move, it was like looking at myself at her age. When she talked about her experience with the dancers, she said she would like to open a studio like that some day so that others don’t have to feel like they are not important. She said she felt like that a lot, but not now that she’s dancing. Now she felt like she was important. I remember feeling the same way and that it took a long time to find a place where I belonged and people who accepted me for who I was. For me, the disease went into “remission” which I attribute to Our Lady of Lourdes. The story was a reminder of what I went through and what God has done for me. As I pray for the girl and her family, I wonder if there is anything else I would be able to do to help her.

I Found God today remembering how He has blessed me.

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