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Miracle Baby

My mom, her friend and I went to lunch today. When we arrived, we noticed that it seemed to be “ladies day”. We were seated by the drink machine so we saw pretty much everyone who came in. There was one man in the whole place and a steady stream of women kept coming – old, young, teens, and kids. Next to us was a mom with her daughter. My mom noticed that the little girl had one brown eye and one blue eye. When it was time for them to leave, the little girl went back and forth up the aisle and back to mom as we watched. I told the mom how cute her little girl was, and how tiny she was. The mom said that she was 4 years old which was hard to believe as she resembled a 2 year old. She saw my surprise and explained that the little girl was born with only half a heart and so she was doing pretty good. She said she was her miracle baby. We agreed that she was quite a blessing indeed.

I Found God today in a miracle baby.

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