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Divide and Conquer

I spent the majority of the day with my dad at the rehab and was with him for all his therapies and doctors’ visits. It was good to see first hand the progress he continues to make. Today he walked up and down the set of steps they have in the gym there. His therapist gave him the handy guidance of “up with the good, down with the bad”, which was the same advice my mom has received. It means that going up the stairs, you lead with the good leg and going down, you lead with the weak or injured one. I spoke with the doctor who is still working on getting his blood pressure medication tweaked just right. And I spoke to the neurologist who evaluates people who recently had a stroke. While I was there, my brother spent the day with my mom and took her to a dermatology appointment. When I met up with them, my mom reported what a good job he did taking care of her. Then he took her to have dinner with my dad. It was nice to divide and conquer.

I Found God today being able to share care with my brother.

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