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Hero of the Day

My brother took his dog on a long walk this afternoon as usual. But when he returned he had a story to tell. While they were walking, they were approached by a large black lab who was alone – no person, no leash. At first my brother tried to shoo the dog away as he didn’t want an altercation with his own dog. But, the dogs were friendly to one another and my brother saw that the lab had on a collar with tags. He was able to grab a hold of the collar, but the dog squirmed out of it and ran into a nearby garage. There was a man working in the garage, so he and my brother were able to get the collar back on the dog and my brother was able to call the owner. Luckily, they lived only a couple of blocks away. When they showed up to claim their dog, they were very apologetic and grateful. We told my brother he was the hero of the day.

I Found God today in my very helpful brother.

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