Remembered Tribute

My mom and one her best friends’ used to lead the church choir together for years. My mom played the organ and/or piano and her friend directed. It was a great group of people and they would get together for parties as well. My mom’s friend was going through some old papers and brought some over today. They included some songs that some choir members wrote in tribute to my mom. My mom’s friend played the piano and we all sang and got teary eyed by the end. Here is one that went to the tune of “More”.

She is the greatest one our choir has known, This woman of such talent she has shown, Songs from her throat are music any day, No simple task is it to sing and play. Still, makes no matter when She will always play again, She makes music ever bet-a, dear-a, love Anita. Fonder and fonder we become of her, So let’s make certain she remains ever, Treat her as if she were your own, Welcome her into your home, Our Anita, bless her more.

I Found God today in a beautiful song written in tribute to my mom.

2 comments on “Remembered Tribute

  1. what a beautiful tribute to your mom. I got teary eyed reading it.
    So lucky to be a part of this beautiful family who loves music, Joanne


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