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A Call To Prayer

Like many Catholic Diocese around the world, ours decided it would be in the best interest of all to cancel Mass at this time. So, like we have many times recently, we turned on EWTN to watch the Mass. The homily by Fr. Miguel Marie, MFVA, really stirred my heart. Here are some of the things he said that I found most meaningful:

“Deep down, we all have a deep thirst for God, whether we know it or not…. This life is short, is has it’s time…It is crucial that we all unite in prayer begging that God keep us and all who are in danger safe from this serious illness…We have all done things that are a waste of time instead of spending time with God…We spend hours quarreling on social media, but hardly any minutes with God in prayer…Few of us will be taken down by this sickness, most of us will survive and have another opportunity to live a better life…Today in our country, President Trump declared a National Day of Prayer…God can use political figures to call us to prayer…It’s time to put our differences aside and come together to storm Heaven daily in prayer.”

I Found God in stirring and relevant words from a priest.

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