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One Wrong Move

I got up yesterday morning with a mission of accomplishing all the errands that needed to be done. I talked with several doctor offices and postponed appointments, or in 1 case actually got the necessary information from the doctor without having to go to their facility. I dropped off tax information, dropped off hearing aids that needed fixing, dropped off mail at the post office, and ended with the grocery store. Of course, I wasn’t able to get everything I wanted, but we have what we need. I sanitized my hands after every stop. When I got home, I threw my clothes in the wash, and took a hot shower to further decontaminate. Feeling pretty good about my productive day and my precautionary measures, I started preparing dinner. Using the small knife, I started chopping the vegetables. Last were the potatoes. There was a thought that I should trade to the bigger knife, but the small one was already in my hand so I kept going. With only 3 pieces left to chop, I slipped and cut deep into my thumb. How quickly things change. As I scrubbed it with soap, I calmly called my brother from the basement. By the time he got upstairs, the blood was running down my hand and I was biting my lip in pain. He panicked. He got me the necessary supplies and I wrapped the wound up tight. I tried to talk myself into thinking that it would be fine as the last place I wanted to go was an urgent care. As my brother continued cooking, I sat holding my hand up in dismay thinking of the options. He told me it was one of the worst cuts he had seen in a long time and I really should go have it looked at. Seeing that he was calmer now, I took his advice. I called my son who took me to the urgent care. They said the gash would not have healed well on it’s own. An hour and a half, 5 stitches, and a tetanus shot later, my son brought me back home. I woke about half way through the night in pain. I was very glad that my brother was here and that I listened to him to have the cut taken care of. Even though I felt I had done all that I could yesterday to keep from being exposed to illness, that all went out the window ending up in the urgent care. But, it was just another reminder to me that I can do all that I can, but in the end there is very little I have actual control over. I can’t obsess over the craziness going on. Faith, Hope, and Trust in God’s plan is where I find peace.

I Found God today in my brother’s encouragement and realizing my need to trust in God.

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