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Blessings While Passing

My dad’s cousin has been in an assisted living facility for about a year now and receiving hospice care on and off. It was exciting when he reached his 95th birthday – the oldest relative that my dad was able to document. Unfortunately, we received word that he died a few days ago. There were blessings in his passing that were shared with us by a family member. She said that the facility was just in the process of not allowing visitors due to corona virus precautions. However, they made it under the wire and the family was able to be with him. The staff all came into the room to pray with him and talked about how much they loved him while he was still able to respond with a big smile. During the shift change, even more staff were able to stop in to say their final good-byes. She also shared that she had told him “May the Lord Bless You” with her hand on him, and read my blog of the same title shortly after. It was comforting to hear of the peace and love that surrounded the man as he passed from this world to the next.

I Found God today in blessings during a passing.

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