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Zoom Zoom

A couple of days ago, I connected with my mom’s exercise class via Zoom conferencing video call. It was great to see and talk with all those who signed on. This afternoon, my prayer group tried it as well. Some had a hard time connecting, but again it was wonderful to touch base and see everyone. This evening, my brother set up the same group chat with the family. Everyone talked about how they survived their first week home and how they were spending down time. My son who can’t go to the gym has found creative ways to work out using elastic bands and playground equipment. My brother made bread for the first time ever in his bread maker and it turned out beautiful. My sister put some purple color in her hair that she had been wanting to do. My other sister on the farm has, of course, been getting her seedlings ready. It was wonderful for us all to get together and laugh like you can only do with family. We plan on making it a weekly event.

I Found God laughing with family.

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