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Familiar Comfort

A couple of days ago, I learned that the parish I was part of in another state was going to have their Mass available on YouTube. I still consider this parish my “home”. It is where I worked for years, learned so much, grew in faith by leaps and bounds and met amazing families who are still part of my life.So this morning instead of turning on EWTN, I found the site for the Mass and we watched. The priest started singing the opening hymn and I realized I had forgotten what a beautiful voice he had. I suppose I probably took it for granted when I was there. The Mass seemed much more personal, of course in part because the priest is a friend, but also because it was much easier to participate and respond. It was strange to see him celebrate all alone in the big church, but my dad said it was like it was just him and us. I wondered if the other hundreds of people watching felt the same way. Seeing my friend, hearing his voice, and listening to his words brought back the familiar comfort I used to feel years ago.

I Found God today celebrating Mass with my far away home parish.

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