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Bells and Angelus

Yesterday we received an email from the pastor of our parish talking about hosting live events today being the Solemnity of the Annunciation. He would celebrate Mass and share it on social media. Also, the church rings the bells every day at noon to announce the time to pray the Angelus. Today the priest would make his way out to the recently renovated Marian grotto to pray the Angelus again on social media. My mom said that she wanted to hear the bells and say the prayer. So, a little before noon, we drove over to the church and parked where we could hear the bells and see the grotto. My dad recalled when he rang the bells attached to a long rope at his church when he was growing up. The bells at our church today were electronic, so didn’t have quite the impact they were anticipating. We prayed the Angelus and heard the priest continuing with a decade of the rosary, so we prayed along with that as well. It was nice to get out and experience church.

I Found God today experiencing church.

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