Signs of the Times

It was a beautiful day and I’m getting cabin fever, so I went out for a walk. Along the way, I became keenly aware of the changes in the world around me from just 2 weeks ago. Like everything, there is a negative and positive side. The first thing that caught my attention was the empty school with their sign displaying “E-Learning”. No children playing, no parents waiting, not one car in the parking lot. There were fewer cars travelling as well. What was a very busy 6 lane road held a smattering of cars now and again. There were more people on the sidewalk and in the park than on the street, but the playground was closed and taped off. It was quieter. The baseball diamond held a dad and his son doing some batting practice instead of teams going head to head with families watching. In the neighborhood, a large group of children played together without a care in the world. In one driveway, someone had drawn a joyful masterpiece. A little further on, I spotted the mountain that stood tall as if to remind us that it had endured afflictions and transformations too numerous to count and that this too would pass. The lilies were ready to bloom and the irises were popping up in abundance. Dandelions and tiny purple flowers were just starting to appear. Spring is around the corner with it’s promise of new life. Nature will not isolate or quarantine. It will continue in it’s seasons, and so will we.

I Found God today reflecting on the way our lives have changed in the past 2 weeks.

2 comments on “Signs of the Times

  1. Beautiful and hopeful, Tammy! Love you!


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