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Medical Miracle

Last month, a friend’s mother was hospitalized with dizziness and high blood pressure. At that time, they thought she might have been on the verge of having a stroke and did plenty of testing. They found that she had markers for bone cancer and sent her home to follow up with assorted specialists. Since then, she has had more tests and scans, all pointing toward the same diagnosis of a bone cancer. As they were doing one scan, they continued to ask if she was in pain. Actually, since the hospitalization, she has been feeling better and better. I gave her some holy water from Lourdes a while ago as she was being treated for large areas of skin cancer on her head and neck. At one point they found another spot, but she kept putting the holy water on in and when it came time to treat it, it was gone. She has been continuing to bless herself with the holy water through her current ordeal. After the last scan that she had, the doctor scheduled a phone appointment to go over the details of all the testing. I talked to my friend today after the phone call. Her first sentence was that her mother is a miracle. Evidently the cancer doctor said he was very confused. He said that all the markers were there for the bone cancer, but they didn’t find any. In fact, the markers now were non-existent. He said that this is not how these things go. Typically for the type of cancer they anticipated, she would have the disease in other parts of her body. But, they found nothing. He was baffled. My friend and her mom knew it was due to prayers and the holy water.

I Found God today in a medical miracle.

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