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Jesus Misses Us More

My parents and I “went to church” this morning as we have for many months now – we went downstairs, turned on the TV and decided which Mass to participate with. Now we have a home altar that we set up during Lent that remains at the corner of the TV with a cloth, candle, cross, some prayers, and picture of Our Lady of Fatima. Today we tuned into our home parish. They started allowing a small number of people in the church to worship together. The first thing the priest did was to welcome the people “back home”, which was acknowledged with applause. He said that as much as we miss Jesus – particularly in the Eucharist – it is but a tiny drop compared to the ocean of how much Jesus misses us. When we first started watching Mass on TV, it was because my dad had a stroke and was not up to going out. I admit I would get comfortable in the recliner and put my feet up. But as time has gone on and it has become clear that the downstairs will remain our own personal chapel for a while, I have made some changes. I now make sure I am dressed appropriately, I stand, sit, and kneel at the proper times, sing, and respond. I do my best to fully participate. I do miss Jesus in the Eucharist. But I know He is still present in our lives and in our home. It is comforting to realize that He longs for me even more than I can for Him. And while we are unable to receive Holy Communion at this time, when we do, we will be ready, having prepared best we can.

I Found God today in a reminder of how Jesus longs for me.

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