Love the Giver

Last week, my prayer group discussed the Gospel for this past Sunday. One of the ladies watched Mass with Fr. Mike Schmitz who posts videos through Ascension Press. She told us she thought it was very powerful and that we might enjoy watching it as well. She was right. First of all, he is incredibly energetic and engaging. He had much to say. But what struck me was the message that all we have – including our relationships – are gifts from God. We can love our things and love our relationships, but we are to love God more as He is the one who gives us them all. More than that, as we live our lives, we will need to let go of everything we have in some way, whether that be health, money, or our desires. In the end, all we have will be gone and there will only be God. Will we let go begrudgingly, or with love as we look forward to spending eternity with Him. The more time I spend in prayer, the more I get to know Him, and the more I trust Him with everything and everyone that He has lovingly put into my life.

I Found God today reminded that He is the giver of all I have.

2 comments on “Love the Giver

  1. Bruce and I just watched that good message at the Mass you recommended and agree that was so good. Thank you for your daily blogs; we sure enjoy keeping up with the news about you and your family. You are still a great inspiration for us!!
    Love to all of you…..


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