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Funny Memories

I was happy to get together with my sister today. As she was driving, she was thinking of all the fond memories she had at the cabin. One time, she was putting her son to bed and saw a bear on the deck. She yelled and my mom ran and got a pot and a spoon and pounded on the pot. That scared the bear and it climbed down the post of the deck. My dad was downstairs and heard my mom and sister yelling. He turned in time to see the bear climb down the deck and run off into the woods. Another time, my nephew was sitting outside very patiently while the chipmunks were scurrying about. He had a coffee can with some seeds in it. One of the chipmunks went right into the can. My nephew quickly put the lid on and caught him. He thought he would take it home for a pet and was pretty upset when his mom told him he couldn’t keep it. There were other funny cabin memories as well that we talked and laughed about.

I Found God today remembering fun and funny times.

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