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Between the Storms

After spending a couple of days in the serenity of the mountains at the cabin, it was time to head home. We didn’t get out early and when we were ready to start packing the car, it started raining. And lightning and thundering and pouring for a long time. Finally there was a lull in the storm and we packed up quickly and headed out. Once we were on the road, my mom grabbed the rosary and we started praying. All during the rosary, the roads were dry and the traffic was light. However, we joined the traffic when we came to the first major city. It also started raining lightly. I’m not sure why we didn’t start the rosary over again. But, in any case, we arrived back home safely in between major storms. We were very happy about that and thanked God.

I Found God today in a safe drive, particularly during prayer.

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