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Environmental Entertainment

We returned home today after spending a few days in the beauty and serenity of the mountains. We never even turned on the TV. Instead, there was plenty to view just outside. The birds at the feeders were not as plentiful as usual, but we enjoyed identifying those who came for a visit. On the other hand, the hummingbirds flitted about almost constantly, including in our faces from time to time. There were 3 curious little chipmunks that ran all over the deck collecting seeds and exploring everything that we put out there. They even came tapping on the door and climbed on the screen. Also scurrying around the ground were squirrels, a rabbit, and a couple of wild turkeys. One time as I stood quietly on the deck, I saw a small buck running down the hill. Above all the activity soared 2 golden eagles looking for an opportunity. We watched the storm clouds and the fog roll in and out. And in the evening we had the most glorious view of the sunset as it changed the clouds from white and grey to yellow, orange, pink, and a fiery red. I did not at all miss the sensational news reports and never had a real desire to know what was going on “out there”. We were surrounded with beauty, peace, and occasional comic relief all presented by Our Creator Himself.

I Found God today in the beauty and entertainment of nature.

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