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Don’t Get Distracted

Tonight my prayer group and I read and discussed the Gospel coming up for this Sunday. Part of the scripture was a parable about a person who finds a treasure (Kingdom of God) and sells everything he has to buy the field where the treasure lies. I thought that in my own life, I certainly have encountered the Kingdom of God. But I’m not so sure I have been willing to “sell everything” for it. I have probably been in the process, perhaps even made it to the bank and received the money to purchase the field. But I also feel I am easily distracted. Something else “better” may catch my eye and I can end up going down a different path instead of going straight back to where the treasure is. I guess it is all a work in progress. The discussion did help me to recommit to trying to stay on course and not get distracted.

I Found God today realizing how I need to try to stay focused on the mission at hand.

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