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School Starts

My grandchildren started school today. Well, virtually. The token first day of school photos were taken in the house. The youngest one even wore her backpack. The oldest started his senior year of high school. As the school is still getting the schedules in order, all he had was home room and was off for the rest of the day. He said it was very interesting and that they were getting accustomed to what the “new normal” will be. Mostly he is very much looking forward to completing his senior year. The middle child was on the computer until just after noon. And the youngest started Kindergarten. Ironically, she was online for the longest amount of time. My daughter in law is working from home right now. She said the youngest child sat next to her while she worked. She was happy they were able to borrow and additional computer so all 3 kids would have one. While she did her own work, she monitored a Kindergarten day and checked on the other two kids. And she said it went very well. I was in awe of her multi-tasking abilities. I’m sure there will be some struggles, but I am happy that they all started out the school year in a positive way.

I Found God today as my grandchildren were able to start school and it seemed to go well.

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