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Amusing Astronomical Birthday

Today was my brother’s birthday. It’s always hard to celebrate now after the attack on 9-11, but we try to make it cheery. My brother recently bought a telescope and has been tracking and photographing the events in the sky. When we were trying to decide what to get him for his birthday, we came across some astronomy socks. Seemed like the perfect gift. We got 3 pair – constellations that glow in the dark, a representation of the solar satellite, and whales in space. He opened the package and admired the socks while we were on Facetime. I wrote a birthday message to be included on the gift receipt. He showed it to us and explained that the large whale that was pictured on the receipt was hand drawn. The package also included bonus stickers. It was very fun and joyful watching my brother open his gift and seeing the little extras that the company added. That was more than any of us expected.

I Found God today watching my brother open a fun package for his birthday.

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