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I often go to bed with a song in my head that I think about if I wake up in the middle of the night. Tonight I had my Bible class. As we continue reading the prophets, we see that they are always calling the people to turn back to God or “shuv” in Hebrew. As I was pondering this, the song “Turn To Me” popped into my head and it stuck. It’s a good message to remember, especially in the middle of the night:

“Turn to me, O turn, and be saved,
says the Lord, for I am God
there is no other, none beside me.
I call your name.”

Seems so easy, and yet for some reason it can be so hard. It is also very comforting to remember that God loves me as an individual, just as He knows and loves you. He calls me by name, always offering mercy, forgiveness, and peace.

I Found God being comforted that He calls me by name to remain close to Him.

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