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Old Man and Old Dog

I have been taking advantage of the pick up option at the grocery store. It is easy to make the list online and schedule the time to pick up the order. I don’t even have to get out of the car – they wheel out the groceries and put them right into the trunk. I went this morning to pick up the order I placed last night. As I waited for them to come out with my food, I just took in the scenery. I spotted an old man walking with his pup. The man had quite a limp and was constantly fiddling with the long leash attached to the small mangy old dog who had a unique gait as well. They stopped to cross the busy street and it seemed that the man wasn’t quite sure where he was going. Then my groceries arrived and my focus shifted. After the order was loaded in the car, I went over to the pharmacy drive through to pick up a prescription. As I waited there, here came the man and the dog back the other direction and right in front of me. As the little dog went across the sidewalk, it became evident that he was blind. I thought about the relationship between this pair. I thought they must have been together for many years. The old dog was clearly dependent and fully trusting in the old man to lead him where he should go. The old man was continually fidgeting with the leash and checking to make sure the old dog was by his side. It seemed to me that he was just as dependent on the dog, but in a different way. To me, it was a beautiful display of mutual care and trust.

I Found God today in the care and trust of an old man and his old dog.

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