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Still Riding

Today, a woman told a story that exemplifies the meaning of true love. She is in her late 70’s and cares for her ailing husband. They live on a ranch and have had horses forever. It is getting too much for her to do now on her own as her husband can no long help. She realized it was best to sell the horses and move to a manageable location. However, she decided to keep one horse that her husband can ride. She tacks up the horse and helps him get on. She said once he is on the horse, all his anxiety leaves as holds the reins and directs the animal. Even though it would be easier for her to be completely freed of the responsibilities and work of the horse and the land, she will continue on for a while as it makes her husband happy when he still rides. That, to me, is an example of selfless love.

I Found God today in an example of selfless love.

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