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Embrace the Broccoli

I talked with a friend today about how I shop for groceries now using the order ahead and pick up at the store process. I don’t even have to get out of the car – they just put the food right in the trunk. It is not a perfect system, as sometimes I don’t get exactly what I want. Laughingly, I used the example of the fresh broccoli. Sometimes I unpack it and wonder who in the world picked out broccoli that looks like that? I would never have chosen that one. But, then I talk myself off the ledge and remember that it is still broccoli. It tastes like broccoli and has the same nutrients and health properties as another one I may have purchased. I am grateful for the service and for the food provided for me and my parents. When I thought about it, I realized it is the same with my prayers. When I pray, I tend to have a specific outcome in mind. But, sometimes God has another plan. He may not do exactly as I think He should. But in the end, His answer to my prayer is still an answer, likely with an even better result than I can even imagine. I need to let go of my desire for control and remember that God has my best interest in His heart – as well as that of those around me. I should be grateful and embrace the fact that He is God.

I Found God today remembering to embrace His perfect plan.

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