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Born in a Blizzard

Today was my sister’s birthday. We called Facetime as we do every year and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. My mom recounted the story of her birth. There was a blizzard when my mom went into labor and the snow was up to her knees. They figured it would be fastest for them to drive to the hospital instead of pressing their luck waiting for an ambulance. Thankfully, they had great neighbors. Three men came with their shovels and helped my dad clear a path to get the car out. They got my mom in the vehicle and rode along to the hospital with shovels in tote, just in case. They made it to the hospital with little time to spare. My sister was born 20 minutes after they arrived. It’s a good story to hear every year and my mom loves to tell it.

I Found God today in the joy my mom receives by recounting the birth day stories.

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