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Little Less Labor

It snowed today . . . and snowed and snowed. It wasn’t a tremendous amount of snow, but it just kept coming down all day. By this afternoon, I was wondering if I should get outside and shovel, or if I should just wait for the morning. I wasn’t sure if there was enough snow for the hired workers to take care of it or not. Looking out the window at other homes in the complex, I could see that no one had shoveled yet. That clinched it. I would clear the snow first thing in the morning. About 5 minutes after having the conversation with my parents, my mom said she thought she heard the plow truck outside. I looked out and sure enough, there was the pick-up truck plowing the road in the complex. There were also a couple of guys shoveling, but I couldn’t tell for sure if they were workers or neighbors. After a few more minutes the guys came and shoveled the sidewalk, porch, and everything that the plow couldn’t reach. I was thrilled.

I Found God today in a little less labor.

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