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Unexpected Joyful Soul

It was trash pick-up time when I went for a walk in the neighborhood today. The trash truck was stopped about half a block from me as I turned a corner. As I got closer, I saw one of the workers sweeping up some debris from the road. I have never seen that before. He finished the job and energetically jumped on the back of the truck. The man who lived in the house where the truck was stopped came out to collect his cans. The worker cheerfully waved and smiled to the man as the truck departed. They passed me and the worker cheerfully waved and smiled to me as well. I think I smiled the rest of my walk. To me, this was such a great example of how a “job” doesn’t define who you are. Not everyone may take as much pride and enthusiasm in their work and remain happy – so much so that they spread it to others. This man was a joyful soul.

I Found God today in an unexpected joyful soul.

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