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Blessed Easter

It was a beautiful Easter in many ways. The weather was perfect. My sister’s and son came over to celebrate and we all dressed up. We tried to remember how we celebrated last year. Each of us had an idea, but no one could really figure it out. I think we were all pandemic traumatized at that time. But as the priest said at Mass today, “We cannot let these things discourage us. Our hope is in the Risen Jesus.” Both of our neighbors on either side of us hid Easter eggs out in the grass for their little visitors to find. It was fun watching them run back and forth in excitement. My mom remembered me and my siblings finding Easter treats that were hidden for us when we were little. And we recalled Easter egg hunts when my kids and nephew were younger. After a delicious meal, we colored some hard boiled eggs. After everyone left, we realized we were just enjoying each other’s company so much, no one even thought about taking pictures. Later we Zoomed with the whole family and my son sang, “Hallelujah”, while playing his guitar. My parents dwelled on how wonderful it was to get together with family in person who are here and seeing the rest on Zoom. It was a blessed day.

I Found God today in a blessed Easter.

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