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Part Of Her Being

My mom’s 2 pianos haven’t been tuned for a couple of years now. She had been using the same gentleman for many years, but the last couple of times he came, my mother wasn’t happy with the sound. He was getting old and we thought it was probably time to find someone new. But that is hard. My mom has perfect pitch and doesn’t want just anyone touching her instruments. After research and talking with some of her musician friends, I made a phone call and an appointment. The young tuner came over today. He walked in, looked at the grand piano, and exclaimed, “Is this a C-7? I love them!” Yes, it was in fact a C-7. He sat down and played beautifully, then got to work. My mom and I sat in the other room to give him his space. As he was tuning, my mom said that she could feel the reverberations in her stomach. Then when it hit the correct pitch it would settle down. She asked if I could feel that. I said absolutely not. God gave her this gift of music from the beginning and it is literally a part of who she is. She even got teary eyed explaining what it felt like to her. The new piano tuner did a great job. My mom sat down and played for a long time, enjoying the beautiful tones.

I Found God today realizing the depth of my mom’s connection to music.

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