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Wrapping Up Celebration Weeks

Today was my mom’s 89th birthday. She donned the tiara as we commented how she used to be a princess and now she is the queen-the matriarch of the family. We started the day with leftovers from yesterday’s party – deviled eggs and pineapple upside down cake along with fresh fruit salad with her favorite mini marshmallows. We sang her happy birthday several times during the day. She was somewhat sad that she wouldn’t be able to say “88” any more, mostly because it’s easier to say than “89”. Also today, my dad finished up a big project he has been working on for a few months. When my son moved into his new home, my dad gave him some of his framed photographs. But there is a big wall above the fireplace that needed something more. So, my dad had a 40×60 canvas print made of one his most beautiful photos of PIkes Peak with Garden of the Gods in the foreground. The picture was ready, so my brother and my dad picked it up today, brought it to my son’s and hung it on the wall. My dad added the finishing touch by signing the photo. We finished the day with the last serving of angel food cake. It was a wonderful way to conclude our weeks of celebrating my parents.

I Found God today wrapping up the celebration weeks.

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