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Blessed Deacon

My sister was here today so I was delighted to be able to go to Mass again. I wanted to bring Communion home for my parents, so I stopped by the sacristy on my way in. Getting things ready for the celebration was a deacon that I was happy to see. In my first 2 years of Bible class, he was in my small group. He was studying for the deaconate at that time and was ordained a year ago. I had been impressed with his knowledge, empathy, and humility. Of course, I had not seen him since before his ordination, so it was nice to chat with him a bit. It was beautiful thing to see him on the altar. And while I didn’t have such a strong experience as last week, it was wonderful to celebrate and praise God with real people. All the different voices blended into one.

I Found God today in a blessed deacon.

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