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The Dainty Warthog

Today my brother, sister, and I took my parents to the zoo. We knew it would be a challenge with two wheelchairs and lots of hills, so we were pretty happy when we saw the tram parked just inside the entrance gate. Our driver, Juan, was very helpful and entertaining. Our first stop was the new penguin enclosure. We followed the line of people around the large aquarium as we viewed the penguins standing up on the rocks. Suddenly, one decided to get into the water. It didn’t take long before the rest followed. We were right next to them as they dove down to get fish from the bottom of the tank. We thought it was very nice of them to come to us. A little later we had lunch on a bench near the gorilla enclosure. As we were eating, one of the large gorillas brought his huge handful of lettuce and sat on the other side of the glass. We thought it was very nice of him to join us for lunch. When we were finished in that area, we called for the tram to come pick us up. As we were waiting, we noticed some commotion coming our direction. Then we saw the warthog. It had two harnesses on it and was accompanied by four zookeepers. They brought it past us and we noticed what an enormous head it had along with a large body. However, it’s legs were thin and it had tiny hooved feet that looked like high heels. My sister said it was very dainty as it walked. We thought it was very nice for him to come by us for a visit. The zoo was quite an outing for us all, but it was a very good day.

I Found God today enjoying the zoo with family.

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