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Graduated Grandson

I was so excited to attend my grandson’s high school graduation today. The ceremony was held outside and the weather was perfect as the drizzly rain stopped early. It remained overcast but not too cold and the sun came out towards the end. Last year due to COVID, the school came up with a system in which the kids and parents were together in a sort of a pod and the kids were very spread out as they walked across the stage. This year, they kept some of those logistics as it kept people from being on top of one another, and the families were very close to the stage to see their student. It did take a long time, but it worked well. The students all walked in and sat together. We waited and watched in the stadium bleachers until it was our turn to be seated in our area close to the stage. I was able to get my parents and sisters on Zoom so they could see my grandson receive his diploma too. It was such a great day for him and I was so grateful to be with everyone for this special occasion.

I Found God today celebrating my grandson’s graduation.

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