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More Energy and Laughter

When I was planning my trip to the east coast, I decided I would have to make time to go to the beach. Today wasn’t warm and sunny, but there was nothing planned for the day so it was a good opportunity. My sons, daughter in law, and two grandchildren donned our sweatshirts and headed for the beach. We were all hungry when we arrived at the boardwalk, so we found a place that served lobster, my favorite beach food. It was delicious. When we headed out we saw that they were preparing for the sand sculpting contest. We watched some of the artists as they worked on a couple of large pieces made only with sand and water. Then we went down to the water. It was chilly, but my granddaughter and I wanted to put our toes in. She was having so much fun, she ended up soaking wet. Luckily, we were able to get her some new pants. Before we left, we stopped at another shop and bought fudge and other treats to take with us. It was another day full of energy and laughter.

I Found God today continuing to enjoy family time.

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