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Safe Travels For All

My brother had intended on making a trip here last month, but then we had the big COVID scare. So he made arrangements to come for a few days this week. He started out his 2 day drive yesterday. He came upon a winter storm, but it was just a little snow. Today, however, there was a layer of ice on the road. Everyone was going slowly but there were still a couple of accidents. Once he drove out of the ice, he drove into dense fog. It was a harrowing journey for him and we were glad he made it here safe and sound. Also in the past 2 days, both our next door neighbors were traveling via the airlines. All their flights were delayed and some were even cancelled. One neighbor arrived home a day late at 1:00 am. The other one made it home 2 days late at 2:00 am. I saw both of them today. They, like my brother, looked pretty exhausted. At the same time, everyone was glad to have made it safely.

I Found God today as people had safe travels.

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