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Few New Photos

When we moved my dad into Morning Star, we were very minimalistic. In his apartment we put his bed, a comfy chair, a dresser, and a couple of his photos on the walls. I guess I was hesitant and afraid that he wouldn’t be there long for one reason or another. A few weeks ago, we added a table and a chair for him to do puzzles, or “work”. Recently we set up a video calling system that doubles as a video picture frame. Family members have uploaded pictures to the device which displays them when not on a call. The other day when we were there, I thought the walls looked a little bare. So, my brother picked out a handful more of my dad’s matted pictures and we brought them with us when we visited today. My dad was awake and aware. It’s the best I have seen him in a very long time. We looked at the photos all together. My dad didn’t like some, didn’t remember some, but recognized my mother’s hands on the organ keyboard – one of his favorites. He instructed my brother and I as to where he wanted the others displayed. His apartment looks more like his home now as he continues to get settled. Seeing how happy it made him was such a blessing and gave me new hope.

I Found God today helping my dad be happy.

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